About Us

Our Primary goal is to flourish Business community with Unique revenue generating business Ideas and Supporting startup ecosystem of failed or broken startups which needs a chance to improve with our value added advises.

We’ve 4 services as offerings to our users, Following are the same for your reference:

  1. Big Business Ideas: These are Original, Unique and Innovative Business Ideas which can change your fortunes.
  2. Free Business Ideas: These are actually Very good and revenue generating Business opportunities which may not be unique and even may not be innovative. But they can make you financially stable.
  3. Supporting those startups which failed or about to fail or which needs to be improved, we’ll help them to make their startup sustainable. Support available at http://startup360.co.in/submit_your_startup_request
  4. Investing into Startups which may need financial support by general public (Not the VCs/Angel Investors/) by understanding your business interests. Support available at http://startup360.co.in/submit_your_startup_request

And we share our opinons and views in our blog post which might be useful to those who are toying with Business Ideas or Startups.

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